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Jenny’s love for drawing started early. When she was a little kid, she used to draw on everything she could get between her hands (sometimes even the walls in her room, according to her father…).

Sure they were typical kid drawings, but the older she got the more she wanted to draw from life. Her father had some skills with sketching and drawing cars, so maybe she got this from her father’s side.

Anyway, she started to take pictures and copy them, mostly using pencil or sometimes charcoal. When she was about 12 years old she was getting more fond of drawing animals. Sure she did some other themes, ranging from manga to cars and even some portraits but those portraits were only a handful and she soon stopped them to concentrate mostly on photorealistic pet portrait drawings.

When she finished High School she decided to do a fine art major but started out with commercial arts major first just to have some open choices for later. At college she really enjoyed the drawing classes she took because they challenged her to advance even more, using a variety of materials. Still her preference stayed with pencil and charcoal.

Inspiration for her drawings is easy for her because she can see animals everywhere and she takes pictures whenever she can. Due to the fact that she mostly draws animals her fellow college students were amazed on how the fur of the animals at the photorealistic pet portrait drawings turns out. It looks almost realistic and they always asked her how she does it. To be honest she cannot answer that question completely, her guess is it is just how she approaches the image and how she uses her material.

Another thing is that she is taking her time to finish the drawings. This time is well spent on the details that make the animal so unique in itself. In general she works in steps, starting with the basic shapes and with each step there comes more detail to the drawing. Those steps vary with each portrait she is doing.

Although she prefers pencil and charcoal drawings she started a new technique, called stippling. This is even more time consuming because it is done by setting dots that vary in size and proximity to each other to accomplish the different shades. But she really enjoyed doing this project.

Jenny entered some of her drawings at local shows and all of them did very well which makes her as an artist proud.

Jenny graduated with High Honors from Edison Community College with an Associate in Fine Arts and with Highest Honors from Wright State University with an Associate in Graphic Design. In December 2015 she graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor in Graphic Design. Jenny is member of the National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa and the National Technical Honor Society.

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